Online Conference
The Tenth International Conference and Workshop on High Dimensional Data Analysis (ICW-HDDA-X) 2020
Tue 13 October - Wed 14 October 2020 Indonesia

Submission abstract deadline
07 August 2020, 23:59 Extended 14 August 2020, 23.59

Submission full paper deadline
14 September 2020, 23:59 Extended 21 September 2020, 23.59

High Dimensional Data Analysis
Social Media Analytics for Society and Crisis Communication
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics Education

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The Tenth International Conference and Workshop on High Dimensional Data Analysis (ICW-HDDA-X) will be held by online meetings using a zoom meeting, 13-14 October 2020, hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Padjadjaran in Indonesia. The ICW-HDDA-X is organized by Universitas Padjadjaran together with Brock University Canada, Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Udayana, IKIP Siliwangi and collaboration with Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), Indonesian Mathematics Educators (IMES) and MIPANet. The ICW-HDDA-X also is part of the Research Innovation and Staff Exchange_Social Media Analytics (RISE_SMA) international consortium funded by the European Union through Horizon 2020 schema for the year 2019-2022.

Complex data of large size and its analysis in settings with high-dimensional parameters is ubiquitous in science, business and society. Examples include epigenomic data, genomic data, proteomic data, high-resolution image data, high frequency financial data, functional and longitudinal data, multivariate time series, network data and social media. All of these data can be called as Data Science.

The ICW-HDDA-X brings together researchers in the area of statistics, mathematics, mathematics education, computer science, political communication, journalism and media studies as well as practitioners in data science’s topic. The ICW-HDDA-X has a strong multidisciplinary character, and aims to cater to the habits of different disciplines. Therefore, there are four tracks in the ICW-HDDA-X 2020:
  1. High Dimensional Data Analysis
  2. Social Media Analytics for Society and Crisis Communication
  3. Mathematics and Statistics
  4. Mathematics Education
The purpose of ICW-HDDA-X is to foster the interaction of researchers in the area of Data Science, including Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematics Education and Computer Science especially in high-dimensional data analysis and to stimulate researching in this area, and related applications. It will provide a place and opportunity for participants to meet leading researchers in this field and provide opportunities for interaction and discussion by an online meetings. The objectives include:
  1. Highlight, discuss and expand the breadth of existing methods in high-dimensional data analysis and their potential for the advance of both Mathematical, Statistical and Computer Sciences.
  2. Identify important directions for future research in the theory of regularization methods, algorithmic development, Bayesian methods and methodology for different application areas using Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematics Education and Computer Science.
  3. Facilitate collaboration between theoretical subject-area researchers and practitioners.
  4. Provide opportunities for trainees and students to meet and interact with leading international researchers in Data Science and Mathematics.
The Workshop on High Dimensional Data Analysis (HDDA) first introduced in Canada, and Mostly Hosted at The Fields Institute, HDDA is an annual meeting, with the 2020 meeting its 10th in a row and first in Indonesia. In this year's meeting we collaborate with international conference by online conference using a Zoom meeting.
Your participation is therefore sincerely welcome to make ICW-HDDA-X 2020 a big success and a memorable beginning of coming events in Indonesia.

The locations of the first – nine workshops were as follows:
HDDA-I, 2011, Fields Institute, Canada
HDDA-II, 2012, Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Canada
HDDA-III, 2013, University of British Columbia, Canada
HDDA-IV, 2014, Banff International Research Station, Canada
HDDA-V, 2015, University of Victoria, Canada
HDDA-VI, 2016, Fields Institute, Canada
HDDA-VII, 2017, CIMAT, Mexico
HDDA-VIII, 2018, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco
HDDA-IX, 2019, Uppsala University, Sweden

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